Mondiana J'hanne Pierre
(Born in 1994) is a Haitian beauty pageant who was crowned asMiss Haiti Universe in 2013 session and will compete at the Miss Universe 2013 in Russia.Mondiana J'hanne Pierre is a young model in Haiti who was chosen (possibly) by Magali Febles to represent Haiti in the 2013 Miss Universe contest. She previously won an Elite model competition in her country and had planned to participate in Miss Haiti (for MW and MI) but dropped out for unknown reasons.

Nedjy Jncharles: Mrs. Haiti International 2013

& her Biography

vNedjy Jn Charles was born on September 28, 1986 in Saint Marc, Haiti. Her father Yves Jean Charles, held the position of General Director at a hospital in Haiti, and her mother was a successful entrepreneur selling merchandise to local businesses in her hometown and other cities in their country. Eleven years later in 1997, her parents decided to move to the United States of America to provide a better life and education for Nedjy and her two brothers. A couple of years later, her dad decided to return back to Haiti due to health related issues. He later passed leaving his wife Gerthrude to take care of her and her two brothers. Because she saw how her mother, her role model, carried about supporting her relatives and other people in needs in Haiti Nedjy vowed that she must do whatever she can to help the people of Haiti.

Nedjy had many accomplishments in her life. After graduating high school, she started working but because of her parents entrepreneurial background she decided to follow in their footsteps. At the age of twenty-two, Nedjy opened up her first business, a clothing store called Curiosity Fashion Boutique. She later opened a tax service business. Nedjy has many future endeavors including but not limited to an adoption agency, elderly care centers schools and orphanages in Haiti especially in her hometown of Saint Marc.

On March 16 2013, Nedjy was crowned Mrs. Haiti International. She was the first to hold that title. Months later, she competed against seventy other contestants for the Mrs. International crown in Chicago, Illinois. With the support of her family and friends, she went to Chicago with the hope to win the crown but also for the fight for clean water in the world. This fight is so important and personal to her because after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti the cholera diseases spread and killed her uncle and cousin. As a national spokesperson for World Water Relief (WWR), she vowed that the whole world should have clean drinking water not just Haiti alone.  Nedjy has raised money through fundraisers to help WWR install water filtration system in Haiti. Her dream of helping people is only the first milestone of her public service life as evidenced by this quote, “I will always be grateful and humble, this is just the beginning of my public service career, my job has just begun and I hope one day we all can unite to form a united front to help bring safe drinking water to everyone that needs it”

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