Nicki Minaj Grinds On Drake

Well, well, well– look who’s grinding herself to Drake. 31-year-old Nicki Minaj ramped her racy outfit to a higher level as she performed at the Summer Jam hiphop and R&B festival in New Jersey.She showed off her boobs through a patterned Manish Arora pants, strappy black and red heels, bold edgy bracelets and a risque sheer silver Fannie Schiavon top while hiding her nipples through a silver star-shaped nipple pasties. She’s never daunted to flaunt her curves, is she? She’s not even satisfied with her skimpy clothes! She made sure to jump into Drake’s arms during her performance, wrapped her legs around his hips while he gripped her waist with one arm.
Rihanna’s face was stoney as she watched the act. Drake and RiRi broke up currently, so I guess it’s safe to say that she’s not liking the show.Minaj posted a photo on Instagram with a caption: ‘Yall gotta chill. Lol this is my brother.’ But in contradiction with her caption, she told Vice Magazine that one day she’ll run away with Drake and get married, but now it is just a fantasy.Drake told MTV that him and Nicki have a playful relationship and said: ‘When I was on tour… I saw Nicki for the first time and, like, literally fell in love.’ Minaj commented on this one saying that Drake doesn’t have a crush on me and he’s just saying this to get attention. Well I hope this won’t get Rihanna’s attention or else it won’t be a pretty ending for the three of them.